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Friday, April 8
Register by Friday, March 11


March 4-11: Online Registration

March 24: Tri-fold boards distributed

April 8: In-person Science Fair

Students were sent home with planning guides to assist in the selection and development of projects. All participants will receive a tri-fold display board for their project. Example of a project setup below:

What Are You Curious About? Plan, Research, Learn & Teach ALT About What Interests You!

Start Here! Register by Friday, 3/11

ALT's Science Fair Will Be In-Person April 8th

Bring in projects to school the morning of the fair. Drop off between 7:45-8:00a. Do not send them on the bus.

  • Please refrain from sending in any food products, liquids, breakable items, flammable or hazardous materials.
  • Boards will be sent home with children via their typical after school dismissal routine.
  • This is a non-competitive event, ribbons will be distributed to all students who participate.
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