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Angelo L. Tomaso School PTO

A Week of Making Good Choices

October 26-30, 2020

Please join us in celebrating “​A Week of Making Good Choices,​” from October 26-30, 2020, in recognition of ​School Violence Awareness Week​ and ​National​ ​Red Ribbon Week. School culture consists of the related factors of attitude, feeling, and behavior of individuals. Angelo L. Tomaso School will be encouraging students to positively handle conflicts and resolve problems peacefully, in line with our district-wide Character Education Program. Our goal is to continue to encourage a positive climate for all members of our school community.

In addition, we will promote School Spirit Days with a different theme and positive message each day, throughout the “​Week of Making Good Choices.”​ The Spirit Days schedule is attached. Please encourage your child to participate and emphasize each theme. Thank you for your ongoing support!!


Monday, October 26:

"Happy, Healthy Monday!

Pack a Healthy Snack to School

As a way to promote the positive choices we can make in our lives, students are asked to bring in a healthy snack. Remember to include 5 vegetables and fruits, along with 4 or more glasses of water, into your daily diet in order to stay healthy and strong!!

Tuesday, October 27:

“​T​H​I​N​K​”​ about it Tuesday!

Use the ​“​TH​​I​N​K​”​ Acronym

Students will be encouraged to use the ​“​TH​​I​N​K​”​ acronym, along with other positive conflict resolution tools to communicate with classmates.

THINK​ before you speak:

• Is what I want to say ​T​RUE?

• Is what I want to say ​H​ELPFUL?

• Am ​I​ the best one to say it?

• Is it necessary to say it​ ​N​OW?

• Is it ​K​IND to this person and others?

Wednesday, October 28:

Wake Up Wednesday!

Wake Up! Wear Pajamas to School

On average, young children need approximately 10 or more hours of sleep per evening for optimal health and school performance. In addition, the National Sleep Foundation recommends turning off all electronic devices at least 1 hour prior to bedtime, in order to improve the quality of sleep.

Thursday, October 29:

True B​lue​ Thursday!

Wear Something Blue

Students and staff will be encouraged to​ ​wear something​ ​blue.

The color blue is often associated with honesty, peace, and calm. We will practice relaxation techniques throughout the week to help students effectively manage stress.

Friday, October 30:

Take a Stand Lend a Hand Friday!

Helping Hands

Students and staff will be encouraged to help out a friend, family member or teacher!